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My name is Vladimir Trkovnik. I am native Croatian full-time freelance translator, self-employed at company Preserved Time Ltd, based and registered in Croatia.

Working language pairs: English-Croatian, German-Croatian, Italian-Croatian My strongest point and the greatest benefit I would bring to our freelance cooperation is definitely mix of a long combined in-house and freelance translation experience (since 1999) with accumulated experience and skills to handle many various fields/industries and equally strong practical business and marketing management career in an international business environment. I have accumulated strong practical business and marketing management experience with particularly strong IT background working as Brand, Product, Sales and Marketing Manager for Croatian market for HP, Epson, Toshiba, Lexmark, Uni-Ball Japan, Fabriano Italy and other world famous brands accompanied with rich experience in business correspondence with English, German and Italian speaking clients. Additionally, I would also like to add strong academic business background. I hold Master of Economics degree, (international business and commerce as major) obtained from University of Rijeka, Croatia, Faculty of Economics. As you will see from my below given links to, Linkedin and profiles and the attached CV containing selection of my most significant translation projects, I am a highly experienced and versatile native Croatian translator.

Links to my profiles with listed client feedbacks/references: Linkedin:


English skills: My English skills are exceptional verified by two Cambridge English Certificates:

- Council of Europe LEVEL C1 - Certificate in Business English LEVEL VANTAGE (also known as BEC). I have attached scans of both certificates. I am also ProZ Certified PRO in English to Croatian. Also, in 1987 I graduated from Joliet West High School, Illinois, USA. During the time in the U.S. I have lived with an American family.

IT field:

English/German to Croatian translation project (June 2021) of feature descriptions, UIs, GUIs for the application controlling production process, operation of machines involved in production process, Master Data Management, Production Cockpit, Machine User/Operater Management, measuring operater time and efficiency and other options and features Field: TECHNICAL, IT, application for monitoring and controlling production, machines, operaters Project volume: 16,000 words

English-Croatian translation of feature descriptions, UIs, GUIs and user manuals of various mobile phone models from the range of products of one of the leading mobile phone producers in the world Field: TECHNICAL, IT, mobile phone UIs, GUIs, user manuals Project volume: 16,000 words

Business/commerce/e-commerce, business management and finance field: Large English-Croatian project: translation of web page, description and features of services and products, application for PCs and mobile devices and legal content (user agreements, GDPR regulation, buyer and seller protection programs and other) of the leading company that provides and operates worldwide online payment system supporting online payments for goods and services and money transfers.

Field: business, finance, online payment processing, money service business, online payment app

Project volume: 150,000 words In addition, there is also rich experience (both as freelancer and in-house) related to translation of business contracts, business and financial reports, marketing/business presentations, company catalogues, various company/corporate policies, annual financial statements, banking reports and other corporate documents.

I would like to point out my profound skills and experience also in technical translations: (operating manuals and technical documentation for various types of machines) and also for software, Android-based and other APP TRANSLATION.

EN-HR project: Project volume: 50,000 words: translation of the operating manuals, description of features, technical documentation, occupational safety and safe working protocols, maintenance manuals and other technical documentation for a product line of hydraulic crawler excavators of one of the leading producers of these types of machinery in the world

Medical/medical devices field:
English-Croatian project, volume 35,000 words 
Documents related to to the line of advanced prosthetic technology products and orthotic devices.
Field: MEDICAL, manual, medical devices, HEALTHCARE
EN-HR project, volume 20,000 words:
translation of the user manual, technical documentation and software/mobile application localization for a novelty in electrocardiogram (ECG) technology - so called ECG T-shirt
English-Croatian translation project, volume 20,000 words 
Range of products (medical devices) designed to meet lifting and moving requirements across the full spectrum of healthcare environments.
Ceiling hoist systems used to lift and move patients, mobile lifters for the same purpose where use of ceiling hoists is not appropriate, lifting slings for different patient care tasks and other devices for lifting and moving patients in hospitals and other medical and healthcare institutions.
Pharmaceutical industry:
Italian / English - Croatian translation project: volume 135,000 words:
translation of operating manuals, machine features and technical specifications, maintenance manuals, machine software and other technical documentation related to a line of machines producing blisters, cachets/capsules and other type of packaging for pharmaceutical products

Italian skills: I have lived in Italy for one year, with an Italian family. For 7 years I have worked as Product and Brand manager for brand Fabriano Italy for Croatian market - office, drawing and artistic papers and for two years for brand Epson having worked with Epson subsidiary in Italy - responsible for handling european operations of this Japanese IT brand. Thanks to these working experiences I have obtained profound knowledge also of business Italian. Further Italian language related experience: One-year experience working as Business Developer for the Italian market for solar powered smart benches Steora.

German skills: For the last seven years, in addition to working on German-Croatian translation projects for several translation companies and their clients, I have been working as a language assistant for several Croatian companies doing business with Germany and Austria and Austrian/German companies selling their products in Croatian market. Ongoing translation cooperation with company Radman s Drink GmbH, Austria, (German/English to Croatian translation of web page content, product catalogues, business/marketing presentations, business contracts and other company documents). Apart from business/finance, business contracts, I cover very wide range of topics including machine/device operating manuals, food industry, safety protocols, occupational safety / safety at work, product catalogues, marketing presentations and many more. Working CAT tools: -Smartling, with no license, translation agencies that I work with provide temporary license, -Memsource - my favourite and preferred CAT tool, with no license, translation agencies that I work with provide temporary license, -Smartcat - my preferred and favourite CAT tool, my own license -Wordbee, with no license, translation agencies that I work with provide temporary license) Note about Trados: I am not familiar with Trados but I can still work on Trados projects in the following way (by working in my favourite CAT tool - Smartcat): Smartcat tool supports all file types, including Trados packages. Smartcat supports Trados packages in sdlppx format and delivers fully Trados compatible return packages in sdlrpx format. With agencies that send me projects exclusively or mainly as Trados packages I have been working in the way that I upload in Smartcat the Trados package in sdlppx format along with all project TMs and TBs and deliver fully Trados compatible return package in sdlrpx format. I have completed many such projects and never had any compatibility issues!!!!! Looking forward to working with you,

Vladimir Trkovnik, native Croatian EN / DE / IT-Croatian freelance translator

Vladimir Trkovnik, native Croatian EN / DE / IT-Croatian freelance translator

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