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Good morning/evening, my name is Chiara Benedetta Condorelli and I'm an Italian native speaker with a Master's Degree in Linguistics (the subjects included "Translation - Theory and Practice" for both Italian and English) and a C.A.E. issued by Cambridge University. I have other linguistic qualifications, but these are the most important. I have been working as a translator from Italian to English and from English to Italian since 2004. I translate articles, CVs (or résumés, if you prefer this denomination), social media posts, etc., covering all the niches except adult. I also work either as a creative writer (books, short stories), a content writer (I write articles about every subject) or a proofreader/reviewer. I also write CVs and social media posts, creating material in both languages. Warning: most of the time, I work as a ghostwriter and ghost translator, which means that I sign (and make my customers sign) a Non Disclosure Agreement. I make sure that every translation of mine is top-notch with a 100% human touch. I pride myself on my language AND customer service skills. You can check my credentials here: Upon request, I will show you the few samples for which I didn't sign any NDAs. Contact me for my availability and fees. You can choose between PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union, Payoneer, Skrill, Stripe. After an advance payment and an agreement on both our respective commitments (stated in the contract I created and customise according to the customers' needs), I will start working. After the work is delivered, I can issue an invoice for tax purposes. I'm located in Europe and I'm always willing to work with customers and employers from all over the world who show a genuine appreciation for my hard work and my high-quality products. Thanks for your consideration and have a nice day. P.S. I remind you that I don't offer any jobs. I am looking for a job.

Chiara Benedetta Condorelli

Chiara Benedetta Condorelli

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