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📖 Hello and welcome to my profile. Here you'll find brief info about me: my motivation, experience, approach and services provided.

💡 About me

▪️ I live in Ukraine and both Ukrainian and Russian are my native languages. I specialize in English-Russian, English-Ukrainian and Russian<->Ukrainian translation.

▪️ I have 11 years of full-time translator experience.

▪️ I have technical maritime education and experience in the maritime field, however, later I occasionally realized that translation is my true calling.

▪️ Why I've become a translator? In my childhood, I had a native English teacher from UK. She was more than just a regular teacher, and she cultivated my love of languages. That's how it started. Later I tried some voluntary translations and several projects for local companies and foreign indie game developers. Step by step I moved forward and developed my knowledge of languages and creativity, learned about translation standards and tools, and so on.

▪️ I have tried a lot of jobs and specializations in my life: from navigation officer of trade ship to cybersport team manager, from logistics company sales manager to HR department manager, from exchange trader to translator. So, now I am 100% sure about what I like and what I want in this life. Also, it gave me a good overview about many fields, and sometimes it helps me in translation.

▪️ Translation is not just a matter of money for me. I'm keen on translation and especially creative localization. I enjoy when I see the results of my translation in real life: when I see end users' compliments about translation or receive my clients' feedback.

▪️ As follows from the above, I aspire to make accurate and creative translations and provide all possible support to my clients including localization recommendations, reporting about source text issues and code issues, testing the end product, urgent amendments and updates if necessary, etc.

🏆 Feedback

I'm proud to have an excellent reputation. It means that my clients are fully satisfied with my service and that I've fulfilled my objectives well. Here you can find my clients' feedback:

▪️ ProZ:

▪️ Upwork:

▪️ LinkedIn:

🔢 Statistics

Now it's time to show up some numbers. Below you'll find my statistics of translated words in each field.

▪️Games: 3.5 million words

▪️ Software / IT: 1.3 million words

▪️ Marketing: 1.1 million words

▪️ Safety: 800k words

▪️ Electronics: 420k words

▪️ Maritime: 520k words

▪️ Business/commerce: 400k words

▪️ Education/eLearning: 180k words

▪️ Environment/Ecology: 120k words

▪️ Food: 160k words

▪️ Tourism: 70k words

▪️ Sport 75k words

▪️ Engineering/mechanics: 200k words

💰 Rates

My rates vary subject to the type of service (translation, editing, LQA testing, translation+editing, etc.), complexity (highly technical, creative, general), urgency, volume and other aspects.

Here are my average rates for your reference:

▪️ Translation - $0.08 /word

▪️ Editing - $0.04 /word

▪️ LQA - $30 /hour

*Note 1: I am ready to discuss lower rates in some specific cases like translation projects for indie developers, etc.

*Note 2: I am providing a discount for translation of the same text into both Russian and Ukrainian.

*Note 3: I am considering pro-bono projects.

✉️ Contacts

You have checked my profile and think that I might be suitable for your project? Or, probably, you'd like to request some specific info and discuss with me something? You are welcome! I'll be glad to receive your message in any of the following ways:

▪️ Email:

▪️ LinkedIn:

▪️ Skype: sbutkov

Sergiy Butkov

Sergiy Butkov

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